Thursday, October 13, 2011

5 Business Card Design Tips

1- Find a professional graphic designer for your custom business card. This will be your first impression so it is important to give strong image of you.

2 - Spend the money for a professional printed card. It's tempting to create a computer generated card, but your business cards are part of your personal and corporate branding. Card appearance is important. It doesn’t cost much to have one professionally designed and printed business card. But if you don’t have the budget, any card is better than none!

3- Keep it simple. Follow some very simple rules. Make sure that the font is large enough that people can read it. Use a professional font. Avoid flowery script or Comic Sans. The layout of the type should be simple, clean and uncluttered. Many printing houses can help with card layout.

4- Don't use the family phone. Make sure your contact information is private. Having your kids or roommates answer your home phone to take a message from a potential employer is risky. Have a cell phone number that you answer in a business-like manner at all times of day. The same holds true for your email address. If you can avoid johndoe@hotmail.com or janedoe@yahoo.com your contact information will look more professional. Can you own your own name as a domain name? Your email could come to info@jdoe.com, sure will give better impression.

5- Create a title. Many people looking for work are challenged when it comes to creating a title for themselves on their card, but why not establish your credentials based on prior work experience? "Consultant" is a catch-all, but some people find it too generic. Someone employed as a human relations manager can use Human Relations Advisor. An information technology worker can state their area of expertise such as Database Management Specialist. A professional designation can be helpful, particularly if you have just graduated and are looking for your first job.

You've got cards, now time to use them. Stash them everywhere, be like a squirrel! You never know when you will meet someone who may be that link to the best job you've ever had. Stash in your car, your workout bag, your running clothes, and don't forget to put in your hand bag or pocket of your jacket when you go out. Your business card may be your lottery ticket to the best job imaginable.

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