Sunday, March 4, 2012

iPad 3 Release Wednesday!

Will Apple release its third iPad installment next week?

Apple is hosting a product event next Wednesday. Many analysts predict the iPad 3 will be released, possibly alongside the Apple TV box-top reboot.

"We’ll see the announcement next week, but the actual release date on March 16th"

The March 7th event is being billed with the slogan: “We have something you really have to see. And touch.”

Normally if someone says this to you, turn around and run the other way.
But since this is Apple, it’s likely just code for the new iPad screens everyone has been talking about.

The retina display everyone is talking about promises to double the iPad 3 screen resolution.

Or it could be the new Apple TV, which is due for a reboot.
I think it makes more sense for Apple to release the iPad by itself, and follow-up a couple weeks later with the Apple TV – unless there’s something truly innovative about how the two can be used together.

With Apple working on a streaming service to compete with Netflix, it almost makes more sense to hold off on the Apple TV release entirely, unless they plan on debuting the service alongside their much-hyped television sets.

What else should we expect from the next iPad?

Pricing should remain the same as the iPad 2 line-up.
Somebody at Apple is browsing the web on iOS 6.
Of course this is all rumor and speculation at this point. 

CNET reports that the event will take place at San Francisco‘s Yerba Buena Center for the Arts:

“In typical fashion, Apple has covered up the front of the building with its logo, once again choosing a multicolored paint splatter design similar to the one it used when first introducing the tablet in 2010. Last year the company went with a decidedly more minimal look.”

Will we see the release next week or just the announcement?

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