Most popular baby names 2021

Image: Pexels

A list of the most popular baby names of 2021 is out.

Olivia is the most popular baby girl name on a list that remained relatively stable in 2021. Liam is the top name on the boys list, which welcomes newcomers Levi and Asher to the top 10.

Top baby name trends include unique spelling, new gender-neutral names, names inspired by top TV shows, nature-inspired names, and names that met another pandemic year with strength, optimism, and resilience.

Olivia and Liam lead the list of the most popular names.

The rest of the top-10 are equally familiar, with only some small shuffles in popularity. Charlotte moved up two spots from number 8 to number 6, while Amelia rose from number 5 to number 3. Eight of the names on the top-10 girls’ list end in the “ah” sound – a trend that likely won’t change any time soon.

For boy names, things were a little more competitive, and the names much less traditional. Liam is in the top spot and two new names entered the top ten: Levi jumped from number 16 to number 6, and Asher soared from number 22 to number 9. Oliver and Elijah traded spots in the number 3 and 4 places, and Mateo and Logan left the top 10.

Gender-neutral names have been growing in popularity for years, but in 2021, parents gravitated toward names that challenge traditional stereotypes. Historically female names Tatum, Finley, and Eden all saw notable increases on the boys’ list, while masculine-leaning names such as Stevie, Lennon, Remington, and Logan all rose for girls.

The list was released by BabyCenter.

RANK      GIRLS        BOYS
1              Olivia          Liam
2              Emma         Noah
3              Amelia        Oliver
4              Ava            Elijah
5             Sophia        Lucas
6             Charlotte     Levi*
7             Isabella       Mason
8             Mia             Asher*
9.            Luna          James
10.          Harper       Ethan

*New to top 10