The Most Popular Festive Baby Names

Are you expecting a December baby?

The most popular festive baby names have been revealed – and there’s a surprising entry at number three.

If you’re expecting a December baby, these are the festive names which come out top worldwide.

The research, carried out by OnBuy, found Mary was the most popular Christmas-related baby name for girls, while David came top for boys.

A huge 11.3 million women and girls currently have the name Mary and there are 13.5m Davids worldwide.

For girls, Gloria (3.3m) and Karen (3.04m) were the second and third most popular names, despite it falling out of favor in Britain, thanks to a spate of memes about entitled white women.

Confused as to why Karen is a ‘festive’ name? In Frosty to Snowman, it’s the name of the girl who returns him to the North Pole.

Most popular festive names for girls

  1. Mary
  2. Gloria
  3. Karen
  4. Angel
  5. Carol
  6. Christina
  7. Virginia
  8. Rachel
  9. Joy
  10. Natalia

For boys, Michael is the second most popular name (11.4m) – a Hebrew moniker meaning “who is like God”.

While Mary’s husband Joseph also had an impact, with 8.6m names as the third most popular male moniker.

While you may think a rush of babies being named Karen this December is unlikely, the research found eight in ten parents would consider a festive name for their newborn.

Of these, 84 per cent believe giving their child a festive name would make them more cheerful.

Most popular festive names for boys

  1. David
  2. Michael
  3. Joseph
  4. Emmanuel
  5. Jesus
  6. Gabriel
  7. Christian
  8. Frank
  9. Christopher
  10. Felix